Fully managed virtual Kubernetes for engineers

Boosting developer productivity by easy setup, intuitive management and ease of use of virtual Kubernetes clusters
We provide virtual clusters easily and quickly, so that you can focus on your code and enjoy all the benefits of k8s

Powered by vCluster

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vcluster overview

We make setup of Kubernetes easy and hassle free through use of Virtual Clusters, while you focus on delivering value with your code

kubernetes clusters
Full management of your virtual clusters, tenants, namespaces and more
multi tenancy
Share virtual clusters and assign resources within your organisation amongst teams and developers
Powered by vCluster as the underlying technology, through a fully automated managed platform
deploy and launch
Connect your repository, build, deploy and launch and expose with ease and without any hassle/setup

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continuous integration delivery

Setup and manage virtual k8s

Setup virtual clusters, assign teams and users, then align them with suitable virtual cluster(s)
multi tenancy

Multi-tenant setup

Empower multi-tenancy with virtual clusters. Configure your organization, teams, and users, and associate them as tenants with allocated resources.
cluster monitoring


Out-of-the-box integrated monitoring, real-time insights into clusters, tenants, and customizable dashboards for optimal visibility.
(Coming Soon)
user experience

Easiest User Interface

Intuitive UI for effortless setup of virtual clusters, add users, namespaces, and more, ensuring a seamless user experience.
deployment launch

Allocate Resources

Allocate resources (CPU & RAM) to your virtual clusters and pay for the resources you use and need

Easy RBAC users and Teams

Easily provide access to users and teams to vClusters with fine grained access control

Seamless integrations with

user experience
Supported right now
user experience
Coming Soon
user experience
Coming Soon

Hosted in your region of choice

user experience
Supported right now
user experience
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easy learning curve

No steep learning curve

Kubernetes, complex and time-consuming to master, can pose challenges. Let us handle it for you, simplifying the process and ensuring expertise.
kubernetes for developers

Made for engineers

Maintain focus on solving business issues via code and reduce cognitive load. Ideal for solo developers, teams, or enterprises seeking to avoid operational and infrastructure burdens.
cloud provider

Host in your preferred region

Setup your (virtual) cluster(s) with two easy steps by choosing your preferred cloud provider and region. From there start using your (virtual) cluster(s) and setup your team and users
kubernetes clusters

Use your virtual clusters directly

Access your virtual clusters through our user interface or directly via the .kube/config file and your favourite Kubernetes CLI tool(s)
cognitive load

Reduce cognitive load

Reduces operational workload and saves time with effortless deployment, intuitive management, and robust security features
kubernetes service

Powered by vCluster

vCluster as a service; for small teams, larger teams and even enterprises

Upcoming features



For everyone wanting to use virtual k8s easily; pay for what you use
Get started right away
Core Features:
Powered by vCluster
Add Virtual Clusters
Register through Github
Import teams and users from Github
Add users with rights and access to vClusters
Pay for the resources you use
Shared Cluster
1 vCPU and 8GB RAM
Cancel anytime


Enterprise ready and tailored for your platforms
Tailored to your Enterprise
Everything in starter, plus:
Option for dedicated Cluster(s)
Pay only for the resources you need
Live Support (chat)
Adopt Stridepace for your enterprise environment

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